Sweet Little Story Giveaway/Photoshoot

We've teamed up with Hayley from Sweet Little Story for a Giveaway AND Photoshoot!


Valentina, Romeo and Santino are the three adorable faces you can find on the feed of Sweet Little Story! Mama of three, Hayley, has an eye for styling spaces that instantly put you at ease. All three littles have rooms styled to perfection in earthy soft tones of browns, creams and of course some dusty pinks for six year old Valentina! Hayley isn't afraid to get behind the camera and feature some of her own favourite womens and lifestyle brands on their perfectly curated feed.


We've teamed up with Hayley for the December Giveaway showcasing the best in Small Business - and of course we will be giving it all away to one lucky winner! 


When: 23rd December - 29th December, 2019.



Payment plans are due in full by 30th December, 2019. Direct Debit or Invoice options available. Pay at your own pace.


Standard Posting Spot:

$159.00 (or $40.00 deposit).

Full schedule posting requirements.


Custom Posting Spot: 

$229.00 (or $60.00 deposit).

Stories posting only OR choose your own image and caption for feed posts.


Silent Posting Spot: 

$299.00 (or $80.00 deposit). 

No posting requirements.




Want to send a product to be styled, photographed and promoted during the Giveaway on Hayley's feed?

Hayley will be taking a minimum of 20 images from the shoot and will include your product in a minimum of six images. Brands participating in the shoot have full rights to repost the images across all advertising platforms. Brands must also include minimum $100 prize for the winner + product (no min value) for Hayley to include. Hayley along with all businesses involved in the Giveaway will tag you in both the photo and the caption. Strictly subject to approval only.

To express interest in the Collaboration please complete this form here

Price: $199.00.Giveaway follow list inclusion is additional and optional.




Featured Post: +$49.00

An INDIVIDUAL post on the Giveaway landing page featuring an interview style questionaire and image to hightlight your biz and what you offer! HUGE brand exposure to your ideal target audience!! Extremely limited spots available.Our Giveaways include:- Support prior to, during and after the Giveaway.


- Resources and guides to ensure you are acheiving the most out of our Giveaways. Valued at $149.00

- 16 day Instagram Planner to provide you with ideal content to post throughout a Giveaway to turn those new followers into loyal, engaging customers! Valued at $49.00

- An Instagram Audit. Struggling with unfollows after a Giveaway or are your new followers simply not converting to customers? We provide a FREE complete Instagram Audit report full of personalised tips and tricks and even a reccomended bio! Your Insta is your FIRST impression - make it count! Valued at $189.00

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