Mums Who Faves - Major Giveaway

To celebrate our new exclusive partnership with Mums Who we are giving away THREE prizes for THREE winners in what is shaping up to be our biggest Major Giveaway to date!


When: 4th November - 17th November.



1) An all expenses paid holiday to Disneyland, California for 2 adults and 2 children including flights, accomodation for 7 nights and entry to Disneyland!

2) Over $1500.00 in Kids and Baby prizes promoted by Rachel Watts.

3) Mums Who Clean package including the brand new ICON Cordless Vac and SpotClean Turbo from Bissell.



@PilotMadeleine - One of the worlds leading mummy Travel Influencers with 1.2 million followers!

Rachel Watts from Yummy Mummies - @rachelxwatts - Australian Mummy Influencer who shot to fame thanks to Yummy Mummies Series on Channel 7 and Netflix. Rachel will be promoting the Giveaway + products to her 633,000 followers on Instagram (2 Feed posts + 2 Story posts).

Mums Who Travel Facebook Group - 15K members.

Mums Who Budget and Save Facebook Group - 129K members.

Mums Who Clean Facebook Group - 142K members.

Mamamia Daily EDM - 55,000 subscribers.

Mums Lounge Facebook Group - 10,000 members.

Mums Lounge Facebook page - 255,000 followers.

Go Ask  Mum Email list - 35,000 subscribers.

Go Ask Mum Facebook page - 99,000 followers.



Mums Who Instagram Page - 5K followers.

Bissell Australia - 10K followers.


The benefits of Facebook Group promotion?

NO algorithms to worry about. Members get notified of new posts which include a link straight to the Insta page to enter.

TRUST for members entering a Giveaway that is promoted by a group they are

Highly engaged Aus based only audience.

Reaching an entirely new audience.


Promoting an Instagram Giveaway on Facebook works. We've tried and tested the strategy and have seen overwhelming results in previous Giveaways.




Standard Posting Spot: 

$499.00. No product contribution required.

Full schedule posting requirements.

Deposit + Pay later option: $100.00 deposit plus $45.00 x 9 weeks direct debit.


Custom Posting Spot:

$599.00 (or $150.00 deposit). No product contribution required.

Stories posting only OR choose your own image and caption for feed posts.

Deposit + Pay later option: $100.00 deposit plus $50.00 x 9 weeks direct debit.


Silent Posting Spot

$699.00 (or $200.00 deposit). No product contribution required.

No posting requirements.

Deposit + Pay later option: $100.00 deposit plus $56.00 x 9 weeks direct debit.




Optional extra: +$49.00

An INDIVIDUAL post on the Giveaway landing page featuring an interview style questionaire and image to hightlight your biz and what you offer! HUGE brand exposure to your ideal target audience!! Extremely limited spots available.Our Giveaways include:- Support prior to, during and after the Giveaway.


- Resources and guides to ensure you are acheiving the most out of our Giveaways. Valued at $149.00

- 16 day Instagram Planner to provide you with ideal content to post throughout a Giveaway to turn those new followers into loyal, engaging customers! Valued at $49.00

- An Instagram Audit. Struggling with unfollows after a Giveaway or are your new followers simply not converting to customers? We provide a FREE complete Instagram Audit report full of personalised tips and tricks and even a reccomended bio! Your Insta is your FIRST impression - make it count! Valued at $189.00