LOW BUY IN - Insta Faves Giveaway

Over $2000 worth of prizes from your fave Insta brands including Bonnemere, Stickstay, Misterfly, Cottom & Sweets plus a tonne more!


When: 25th November - 1st December, 2019.




Standard Posting Spot:

$59.00. No product contribution required.

Full schedule posting requirements.


Custom Posting Spot:

$79.00. No product contribution required.

Stories posting only OR choose your own image and caption for feed posts.


Silent Posting Spot:

$99.00. No product contribution required.

No posting requirements.




Host Spot: Feature your biz front and centre by hosting this Giveaway (only one spot available!) YOUR Logo will feature on the Giveaway image and will be tagged as the hosting account by everyone involved! #AllEyesOnYouBaby!


Featured Post: +$49.00

An INDIVIDUAL post on the Giveaway landing page featuring an interview style questionaire and image to hightlight your biz and what you offer! HUGE brand exposure to your ideal target audience!! Extremely limited spots available.Our Giveaways include:- Support prior to, during and after the Giveaway.

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Business Feature Post:
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