So, what exactly does your buy in cover?

The great thing about collaborating with a number of other businesses for Instagram Giveaways is that it gives you the ability to split the costs associated with the Giveaway amongst each other! The price to participate in All For Small Giveaways cover a number of different factors including:

- Cost of prizes.

- Delivery of prizes.

- Stylists (when required).

- Australian Giveaway Permits ($80-$1,200 per Giveaway!)

- Cost of Influencers to promote the Giveaway.

- Winner selection using Gov. Approved random draw system.

- Payment processing fees.

- Promotion with third party networks.

- Facebook + Instagram Advertising.

- GST (which you may be able to claim back!).

- Legal Terms and Conditions for each Giveaway.

- Graphics designed for the Giveaway.

+ our team of experts! We have 4 full-time ladies hustlin' behind the scenes not only to ensure our Giveaways run smoothly from beginning to end but who dedicate 8+ hours per day working on:

- Graphics - for every Giveaway we provide up to 15 different Graphics!

- The BEST Welcome Packs for our Giveaways that you've ever seen.

- Emails, DMs, messages and phone calls. The whole lot, sometimes all at the same time!

- Creating educational content to ensure you are getting the most out of our Giveaways.

- Scouting the best Influencers and Networks on the gram' to work with.

- Liaising with Stylists for upcoming Giveaways.

- Creating EDMs for our entrant subscribers.

- New and exciting Giveaways to release - we are always already onto the next best thing.

- Analytic reporting from Giveaway results.

So, we totally get it when you say you've participated in a Giveaway before and haven't had to pay a 'fee' for involvement. But joining an All For Small Giveaway is a whole other ball game.

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